From one business owner to another - time is the most valuable business asset. We can give you that and more.


Jen graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Finance. She has worked in corporate accounting departments for the past 8 years gaining real world knowledge. In 2014 she talked her just-getting-by entrepreneurial friend into letting her take a look at his business structure to see where she could help streamline some processes in a way that he could adopt and apply. Two years later his business is booming; he's following an accounting process that aligns with his operations, he's no longer fearful of filing taxes, and he understands his financials allowing him to make strategic decisions that grow his business. His constant gratitude inspired the creation of Thanks Jen LLC.

Jen now takes her skills and knowledge to help small business owners manage their cash flow while streamlining their processes. Let her do what she's good at so you can continue to do what you're good at.